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Lewis Institute Inc.

Why Us?

Our Experience


The Lewis Institute was founded by Dr. Jim Lewis in 1981, following a 15 year career as an electrical engineer. Jim was a ham radio operator at age 16, and had an intense passion for designing communications equipment. He earned an electrical engineering degree from NC State University in Raleigh, NC, and pursued his dream, culminating in the design of a state-of-the-art HF Receiver intended for land or shipboard communications (pictured above). During the final two years of his engineering career, he earned a doctorate in psychology and begain teaching seminars on project management on a global basis (that has included 30 countries). Along the way, he authored 12 books, published by McGraw-Hill and AMACOM, on project management, leadership, and teams. To date, he has taught highly rated seminars for around 60,000 individuals. He now has a group of instructors and associates who teach, consult, coach, and develop programs for Lewis Institute clients. There are also a number of websites hosted by the Lewis Institute (see listing elsewhere on this site). Not many companies last 37 years, surviving numerous recessions and competitions. We're also proud to offer certificates in project management through the Office of Professional Development at NC State University, for more than 15 years.

Our Approach


We insist that all of our instructors have real-world experience working in the disciplines that they teach. We have great disdain for professors who claim to teach leadership who have never been leaders in business or government, meaning that they are teaching only theory. Most of us would not want someone performing surgery on us who have only read about it in books, so why should we pay exorbitant sums to universities to hear pablum from professors who know nothing about the real world. When you take an online course or attend a live seminar sponsored by the Lewis Institute, you can be sure the instructor can answer your real-world questions with hands-on experience to back the answer. 

Making a Difference


As was stated in Our Approach, we all have real-world experience at what we teach. Perhaps equally important, we aren't in this business to boost our own egos or just to make money. We want to make an impact on the world! Yes, we know that may sound like just so much BS, but we're serious about it. The greatest reward we get from teaching is to have someone contact us and say, "That program you taught has made a really big difference in my life. Thank you very much." That's as good as it gets. Yes, we make money teaching, which is really icing on the cake. All of us have stood in front of our classes and thought, "This is just fantastic! I'm being paid to do something I absolutely love doing!"