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Getting Your PMP® When You’ve Never Led a Project is Fraudulent!

Be a Real Professional Project Manager!

The intent of the PMP® certification is to demonstrate to employers that you are truly a professional. The requirement is that you have led projects for at least 3 years if you have a degree and longer if you have no degree. And doing a one-person project is not project management; it is self-management, and does not in any way qualify you to be a PMP.

Unfortunately, the demand for the PMP that was, in part, created by the Obama Administration’s legislation has caused a host of such fraudulent certifications. No doubt the examiners at the Project Management Institute can’t investigate the submissions of every applicant to ensure that they have actually led projects as required. At best, they can only spot-check these.

That allows the unscrupulous to get certified even though they are not qualified, which, in the long run, will only damage the prestige of the certification process.

In addition, the PMP exam prep classes are not meant to teach you how to manage projects. They are intended to be a review of the principles you are supposed to know through previous training and on-the-job experience. 

That’s where the Lewis Institute comes in. We provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need to succeed as a project manager, regardless of whether you have a PMP. And when the time comes to get your PMP, you can take an exam prep course in confidence that you have used the tools of project management, including work breakdown structures, critical path scheduling, earned value analysis, stakeholder management, project leadership, and more.

Furthermore, all of our instructors have been project managers—some were managing projects long before the PMP certification process started in 1984. (Founder Jim Lewis was managing projects in 1968 and teaching the subject in 1981.) This means you learn real-world approaches to managing, rather than just a bunch of theory from professors who never led projects and know nothing about the real-world difficulties you may encounter.

If you want to learn from masters, check us out. We’ll make a REAL project management PROFESSIONAL out of you.

PMP® is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute.

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Our certificate in project management is designed to prepare you to be a true professional. We provide both the knowledge and skills for leading and managing projects of all kinds--engineering, IT, R&D, construction, and services. And all of our instructors have been real project managers, not like professors who have only read about the subject. We've been teaching the topic for nearly 40 years. To find out how you can become a highly skilled professional, click the button that follows.

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