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Ever tried to get answers to tough issues affecting your level from a professor? You might as well ask the family dog. They've never struggled with executive problems, like employee engagement, retaining top talent, union issues, market slumps, foreign competition, and the list goes on.

This forum is the brainchild of Alan Letton and Jim Lewis, both of whom have walked in your shoes (or at least shoes like yours). They have been CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Academicians, Middle Managers, and more. They've worked with leaders like Alan Mulally (former CEO of Ford and Boeing), Chris Richardson of Square D, and xxxxx of Allied Signal, and they've struggled with economic ups and downs in their own businesses. Jim founded the Lewis Institute in 1981 after a 15 year career as an Electrical Engineer, and it's still going strong. And Alan has so much knowledge packed in his head that Jim sometimes thinks he might explode (no kidding). Together, we'll help you take your company to heights you've only dreamed about. Try us, you'll like us.

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We set up a website just to host all the content you will get when you belong to the exclusive Executive Leadership Forum. As you know, you can't save a drowning company through managing---it requires leadership. The kind Alan Mulally applied to take Ford from losing $16 billion in 2006 to profitable in 2009. Leadership methods you'll learn from us, because Alan is on our advisory board (and Jim wrote a book about him in 1999.) Just click the red button and you'll be in the forum site in a jiffy!

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