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Project Management Certificates


If you manage projects and have never been taught the tools and principles, you can benefit greatly from the courses in our certificate programs. Managing projects is more about leading people than it is about technical knowledge. Most project teams consist of people who don't report directly to you, so they have little or no loyalty or commitment to your project. You need leadership skills to gain that commitment and support. 

Furthermore, you want to learn the ropes from instructors who have actually been project leaders, not some academic who got all his/her knowledge from books. That's the major reason why you should enroll in our programs. All of our instructors have been there done that. 

Our certificate quality is shown by the fact that your certificate will be issued by NC State University's Office of Professional Development, a Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute!

Here's a testimonial from a student: 

 A great class for those being introduced to project management. We learned everything from how to create a mission and vision to earned value analysis. I will be using this information in my current organization to help our projects have a greater chance of success. The instructor was very knoweledable and helpful during the 6 week online course. I would recommend this class for anyone in management.  --Valerie P.

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Innovation and Creativity


This may be the age of innovation and creativity. If you subscribe to Google Alerts for innovation, you will find your mailbox filled with citations. Entire governments are setting up funds to pay companies to innovate. 

Just one distinction: innovation is making improvements to something that already exists, while creativity is bringing forth something that is completely (or almost) new. I'll use the terms interchangeably from here on.

A lot of people believe that creativity is a trait of an individual and you either have it or you don't. Some also think creativity is only for artists, musicians, or writers, and not for engineers, doctors, or lawyers (to name a few). This is simply not true. Everyone can be creative to some degree. Certainly some are more creative than others, but everyone has the capacity.

In our certificate program we teach you how to generate ideas and also how to help others be more creative, which is helpful if you're a manager of a department or team.

As with the Project Management Certificate, our courses are available in online and classroom format.

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Certified Project Leader


Warren Bennis wrote years ago, "We have too many managers and not enough leaders." That is especially true in projects. Management is dealing with schedules, budgets, and other non-human aspects of a project. Leadership is dealing with the team itself. 

The Project Management Professional Certification offered by the Project Management Institute is a good idea, but over the years we have met too many individuals who passed the written exam but have absolutely no skill in actually leading or managing projects. We feel that this is only going to harm the profession over time. In addition, we really feel that leadership is a much more important skill than managing, since you often don't "own" your team, and need to influence them to get performance.

Our program requires that you actually lead a public service project with at least four (non-family) team members in order to be certified. This achieves two worthwhile goals. One, you produce something of value to others, and secondly, you learn how to lead by doing so under supervision from an experienced project leader (one of our staff members). If this is something that interests you, download our brochure and learn how it works.

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Organization Leadership


We have too many managers and not enough leaders. In fact, good leaders are hard to find in any arena, not just business, but good leadership is absolutely essential to make a business thrive and survive in today's global economy. Our passion is helping organizations perform at the highest possible level by developing the managers who run the company become true leaders. If you have an interest in making your organization something to be proud of, we would be honored to help.

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Community Leadership


As is true of business organizations, we need true leaders in churches, social groups, charities, and schools. We call this community leadership, and we have a program called Leading with Heart and Purpose ® that is designed to develop high-caliber leaders for both business and community groups. If you are interested, go to our Letton-Lewis Leadership Academy website to learn more. Note that the Executive Leadership program is offered through the Academy also.

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Coming Soon


We will begin offering a new program called Strategy and Tactics for Leading Engineering, R & D, and IT Functions. This program will be offered through the Office of Professional Development at NC State University in Raleigh, NC.

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