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The How-To Book


This is my "how-to" book for project managers. It provides step-by-step procedures to follow to get the job done. Ideal for the newbie or moderately experienced project manager. 

Going Beyond the Basics


Mastering Project Management contains information not covered in the Project Planning, Scheduling and Control book. Topics such as Systems Thinking, Resource Management, and Project Evaluation are covered.

For Reference When Needed


A handy book to have when you need an answer to something about project management that isn't covered in either of my other two books. 

When Things Go Badly


Everyone can use a little help occasionally. I sure did. I wrote this book to offer suggestions for some of the more common problems you encounter as a project manager. Good luck. 

Managing the Project Team


Teams don't just happen. They must be built. I learned it the hard way. I hope this book will give you advice that I never had when I was a project manager. It can be fun when you know how.

Leadership Skills


Leadership is essential for project managers, because you generally have a lot of responsibility and absolutely no authority. This is my practical guide to doing what comes naturally to children and hard for adults.